The Bible Optics newsletter is designed to help you make sense of our rapidly changing world. There is only one trustworthy source of insight–God’s Word! The Bible offers us an unbiased commentary on the news, revealing God’s perspective and telling us what is yet to come. Each monthly newsletter gives crucial understanding of present truth and shows its application to today.

Have you ever felt that your spiritual walk was lifeless; reading the Bible meaningless? If so, you need the remedy Jesus proscribed in Matthew 25 – the gift of the Holy Spirit. Discover what it looks like to be filled with the Holy Spirit. You’ll also learn why the Holy Spirit is so important in our spiritual lives and what really happened at Pentecost in the February issue of Bible Optics.

What leader will you be following in the new year? Have you pinned your hopes on our new president? Or have you fixed your eyes on another Leader?

In this time of change, the Bible invites us to look to Jesus for hope, courage and lasting change. Christ’s kingship assures us that we can have joy today and look forward to the establishment of His heavenly kingdom in the near future.

The French Revolution stands out in history as a time when reason was publicly enthroned in place of God and the Bible. The results were bloody. Surprisingly, many of the factors that led up to the French Revolution are being repeated today. Discover the lessons God wants us to learn from this tragic period in history.

How close are we to the end of the world? 2020 would suggest it is coming sooner than we thought. In this premier issue of Bible Optics, we take a look at the Bible’s prophecies about Jesus’ Second Coming and when it will be. You’ll also learn how to hear God’s voice more clearly, and what it means that Jesus is coming as a thief in the night.